VSP#6: Allocation of DAO resources to strategic partnerships

VSP#6: Allocation of DAO resources to strategic partnerships**


This proposal is for establishment of strategic partnerships between VirtuSwap Foundation and entities that would be able to help lift VirtuSwap to the next level. Such partnerships will include investments, commitments to liquidity provision, as well as active support in marketing and community building. In addition, new strategic partners will act as trusted stakeholders that can participate in the governance of the protocol and increase the decentralization of governance.

According to VirtuSwap Tokenomics, 7% of total VRSW total supply (i.e., 70,000,000 VRSW) have been allocated to “future investors and advisors”. Given the currently low valuation of VRSW, to fully align the interests of future strategic partners and VirtuSwap, we propose to increase the share of “future investors and advisors” by up to 15% of total VRSW float (from 7% as specified previously) by allocating additional tokens from the “Community and Growth” share, which is controlled by the DAO.


This proposal aims to allow VirtuSwap DAO to engage with entities likely to substantially enhance liquidity on VirtuSwap and trading volume on it by means of growing VirtuSwap community, in the short, medium,and long term. The proposal comes after a long “crypto winter” and in light of possible near change in market conditions, and is targeted to enable optimal preparation for when the market conditions changes.


8% of total float of VRSW (80,000,000 VRSW) will be transferred from the DAO multisig wallet to the multisig wallet from which investors’, advisors’, and insiders’ tokens are being distributed over time (as payment needs arise).