About the Delegation Hub

The Delegation Hub is a place to offer yourself as a voting delegate to veVRSW holders. The delegation is done via SnapShot UI. If you want to become a delegate, place your pitch here.
While we don’t restrict the delegation pitches in form, we do recommend to include all relevant information, such as:

  • the core values that will guide you in the voting process;
  • means of communication and social media accounts (Discord, TG, Twitter, etc);
  • The wallet/ENS address that will be used for voting;
  • past voting experience to help potential delegates to understand your reputation and priorities;
  • any other information that you think is relevant :slight_smile:

Note that by becoming a delegate, people trust you to follow through with your pitch, and take the time and effort to make informed and coherent votes to benefit the VirtuSwap community and promote your values.